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Weight Lifting Secrets to Keep You Pumped!

Let's get straight to these 10 secrets.

Start using them during your next weight lifting workout and see how much better you do. You're going to be amazed at the results.

#1: Set very high goals before you start each exercise

Let's say that you did 135 for 10 reps the workout before. You decide to increase the weight to 145 pounds.

Tell yourself that you are going to do 50 reps with 145 pounds. The key here is to really believe that you can get 50 reps.

You can't have any doubt in your mind that you won't get 50 reps. Before you know it, you'll have 10 reps with 145 pounds.

#2: Envision yourself in a life or death situation

Let's say you are doing deadlifts. Put yourself in a life or death situation that involves the most important person or persons in your life.

Envision that person trapped under a vehicle and imagine that the bar with weights is the weight of the vehicle. You must make the lift to save their life.

Guess what you're going to do? You're going to make the lift. Every time.

#3: Play music that gives you a rush of adrenaline

This can't be a normal song. The song must bring back a memory in your life that creates emotion.

For example, a favorite song of mine brings back memories from a concert in which the crowd went crazy. I use that song to bring back that amazing energy from the crowd.

If you've ever been at a huge event with lots of people, the energy in the crowd of people can be absolutely amazing. Bring that energy to one of your sets. Remember what that energy felt like and use it.

#4: Squeeze the bar with greater force

When the set starts to get more intense, squeeze the barbell or dumbbell handle harder.

This really helps you take your mind off of lifting the heavy weight and focuses your mind on squeezing the bar harder.

Just taking your mind off of the struggle will help you make the lift.

#5: Envision a magnetic force helping you lift the weights

Imagine that a magnetic force is pulling the weights in the same direction you are lifting.

If you are raising the weight, imagine magnets pulling the weight upwards for you. Envision the bar and weights being attracted towards a powerful magnet above you.

#6: When you feel pain and discomfort, imagine that pain going to something else

Use the pain and discomfort that comes from a tough set to displace it on something else that you really don't like.

Use that period of pain and discomfort to your advantage. The more pain you can take, the more pain you give to something else.

I don't really recommend doing this so much as it's not good to hate other things. You might say you don't hate that thing, but you might if you use this too much.

It's better to turn it around into something positive and never focus on negatives.

I had to mention it, though, as some people do the best with this weight lifting secret.

Maybe there's a tree in your yard you don't like. But it's too much work to take it down. So focus on sending all the negative energy to that tree. Might sound a little weird, but it works.

Just get rid of all the negative energy from your body and send it elsewhere.

#7: Envision your muscles working and getting larger

Before each set, focus in on the target muscle group you are working. Focus only one one muscle group.

As you perform each rep, visualize the muscle growing larger with every rep that you do. The more reps you perform, the bigger the muscle.

This is one of my favorites, and it really helps with visualization and getting your mind on your side.

#8: Imagine yourself lifting weights in front of other people

Visualize yourself on a stage lifting in front of people.

Put your friends and family in the crowd. Put people out there that you want to impress. Put some of your critics out there too.

I guarantee you will work harder than ever before if you successfully visualize this set up.

This one works wonders. You've got to try this at least once. Some of us are great performers when we think someone else is watching us.

#9: Positive and negative forces increase/decrease as you perform more reps

Envision something positive moving closer to you or building up as you perform more reps.

Or you can envision something negative moving further away from you as you perform more reps.

Some positive things may be feelings of pleasure, love, money, or confidence. Anything positive will work.

Negatives to move away could be people that you don't like, pain, negative comments, or anything else negative in your life.

#10: Imagine the weights are much lighter than they actually are

You may have accidentally done more weight than you thought you were doing on an exercise before.

The set probably seemed easy to you. Your mind thinks you are doing lighter weights so the set is easier.

I've done this before along with many others that I've trained.

This is proof that your mind is very powerful. Make the set easier in your mind by really believing that you are doing light weights.

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