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"Strongman" Excercises You Need In Your Workout

We interrupt your regularly scheduled lifting program with an urgent message: It’s time to start incorporating strongman training into your routine.

Don’t worry. This isn’t a major overhaul of your current training routine. You'll simply swap out a handful of typical mass-building exercises with movements that are considerably better at developing functional strength, cardiovascular conditioning and speed—while still building appreciable muscle mass.

Think about the awesome events performed by the behemoth athletes in the World’s Strongest Man and other strongman competitions: Heavy-weighted carries, atlas stones, truck pulls, log presses—activities that demand not only brute strength and power but also superior leverage, balance, core stability, a Herculean grip, and even a set of iron lungs.

Intrigued yet? Reaping the benefits of strongman training doesn’t mean abandoning your entire routine as you know it. All it takes is the addition of some easy to learn power lifting techniques added to your normal workout.

Next time you're in the gym try a couple out.

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